I Ain’t Got No Parenting Advice

Children.  Contrary to what you may have heard, are a blessing.  No doubt about it.  Planned or not, they can bring a special element to your life that you weren’t aware was missing.  However, it won’t come without a price; a major sacrifice.

A friend of mine once asked, “What advice can you give my wife and I about having children.”  To this I eloquently replied, “I ain’t got no parenting advice.”

This is the thing with parenting; once you think you’ve figured this out you quickly realize one stage feed into another, then another and then another. Almost as if you are putting together a puzzle that may never end.  Every child and every phase are so different that there is no one size fit all advice anyone can give.  Sure there are some basic principles all parents can adopt (BE an example, be patient, do love then, do discipline them, don’t put them in the washing machine), but for the most part it’s a roller coaster ride of poop (lots of poop for at least the first 10 years) and emotions.

So, while this blog will not stand to directly dole out any advice, I will be recounting some of my experiences with parenting over the past 5 years or so (when I first became a mother).  Feel free to pick up a nugget or two, and by all means, PLEASE SHARE SOME OF YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH ME!!

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PROUD mother of two girls.  Five years and 6 weeks as of November 2, 2016.  Seven years married.

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